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Boiler Installation

Book an appointment to see one of our heating advisers. He will help you find the right boiler for your home and an expert engineer will then install it.

Boiler Repair

Call us now and ask an expert heating engineer to come to your location and inspect your boiler, giving you a price to repair it, then fixing it if you’re happy

Boilers Fitted

from £1400

Boiler Service

Make sure you’re living in comfort and your boiler and central heating are safe and in good working order by asking us to inspect your heating system periodically.

Underfloor Heating

JR Bulmer LTD are specialists in installing underfloor heating for the home. Underfloor heating can significantly reduce your home heating bills by as much as 40%. In addition, it’s economical to run, virtually maintenance free and utilises effective controls to provide the most comfortable all round warmth of any heating system.

Far more cost efficient than conventional radiators, which heat the top of the room first, underfloor heating operates at lower temperatures distributing heat up in a uniform way to create a warm cosy environment that prevents cold spots, creates space and adds immediate significant value to your home.